The big trip

We’ve just got back from a ‘big trip’. The extravaganza was all planned for Gav as he was having a milestone birthday. He wanted to see the Grand Canyon so we threw Las Vegas, San Francisco, DC and NYC into the mix as well. I mean what’s a few thousand miles in 16 days between husband and wife, eh?

I love to buy guide books and plan the itineraries and since we went to NYC for the first time in 2005 I pour over the travel guides and fill them up with little tab stickers indicating where we should go and what we should do. It starts off well but the book ends up with that many bits of fluorescent plastic spilling out from the edge it’s more a panic of how to cram it all in that a helpful reference point.

It’s a flaw I think that I want to get so much done and I hate to admit that I end up falling into the catergory of the tourist that just checks things of a list and doesn’t take them in, doens’t expereince them fully.This time though there was so much crammed in with just the travelling that my plans and itineraries bought it on the first leg. After I had a small tantrum I accepted that sometimes you need to manage your expectations. I won’t forget that lesson. No really I won’t. Not this time……. 

Anyway here’s a few shots from our first full sightseeing day in San Francisco.

Powell and Market Cable Car

From the reading of the guide book and my little knowledge of San Francisco I expected it to be vibrant and unique. It didn’t dissapoint it was just a shame we only had two full days. 

Our hotel was just up the street from the cable car terminus. So after we arrived we headed out to see them for real. I had the idea of trams in my mind but after thinking about the size of the hills for a minute I understand why they are actually cable cars. The tracks in the road make a sort of metalic chain like rattle and it changes in sound when a car is coming. Amazing.  

Handles and gears inside the car

Our first trip was from the beach near Fishermans Wharfe back to Powell Street and the driver was really funny and the ride was great fun.

Alcatraz Island

 Before we hopped on the cable car we snapped a few foggy photos of the bay and the sea lions at Peir 39.

They were just piled ontop of each other happy on thier rafts. Along with this little guy who decided to have a stretch.

Cute. And they are not really little. Seagulls are big birds.

So just a few reminders of our first day.

There’s plenty more where they came from.

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