This is a highly emotional topic to pick as my second post but I’d like to share it. This little fella was part of our lives for 9 and a half years.

running free

We loved him so much I can’t express it. But sadly he’s no longer brightening our days. But I want to remember him even when it makes me a little sad. He was such a fantastic character.

Who loved to sneek under the blanket on the bed. And hide. I mean we didn’t find him for hours.

It’s fair to say he liked his home comforts and after he came to terms with the fact that this chair was springy and rocked back and forth it was a fight between him and me to see who got to it first. I know dogs on the furniture is appaling….. but we couldn’t help ourselves. How could you deny the little cutie pie.

His other big favorite thing was the beach. Oh how he loved the beach. And we loved to see him run on the sand and find his little sand paws to get a better grip.

Our lives were richer and funnier and happier with him for company and we miss him every day. Thanks Lewis you were a blast.

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