Scrabooking December

This idea is a memory keeping project started by the inspiring Ali Edwards. I joined in a couple of years ago and this will be my third year.

I’m so excited about this year’s mini book because I will be able to document my process right here. And I have started to plan the album already. Even though it’s only October it does work, for me anyway, to prepare it ahead. Today I want to show how I began thinking about the ablum.

I started by going back to the albums I made previously to see what bits I liked or what I would change. Here’s a look at the front covers of 2008 and 2009 albums.  

I kept this one simple, just printing a title in Word onto kraft cardstock and adhering it onto a chipboard cover.

Last year I went more artsy and painted thick cardboard packaging with white acrylic paint, cut the shape of a tree from more of the same packaging then adhered part of a chipboard scroll to the tree shape, placed it on top of the cover and painted a few more coats of white over the whole front again.

As I looked back at these books I was reminded about why I returned to do this album for a second and now a third year. I love that this whole project is the opportunity to record Christmas. I adore Christmas and what better holiday to document as there is always lots going on. That said though I do put things in the albmus not particularly Christmassy, just daily stuff too. Just like Ali recommends.

What I also loved were the different sized pages used in both albums and I still love the red as a base colour. Initially I wanted to try a different colour scheme but kept coming back to red. So red it is.

After I’d settled on red and the different sized pages I went through my stash of cardstock and papers and pulled out a few that grabbed my attention. Working with the necessary redand adding in a little neutral, green and white.

You can see I am a hoarder of odd bits of paper. The trees punched out for that red sheet in the foreground was from a couple of years ago.

Then I searched for items to use as overlays or day headers. I’d bought an amazing sheet of red flocked transparency, in Las Vegas, which I wanted to use for a couple of day front covers, so that was added to the pile.

I’m not going to buy any other products so I searched for anything else transparent. These are not something I generally buy so I wasn’t surprised to find no other transparencies but what I did find were some acetate sheets in A5 so they got added to the mix and I’ll probably stamp on to them or add an embellishment.

Day numbers were next and I picked Making Memoires ‘Noel’ circle alphas and some tags to stamp days onto in Tim Holtz distress ink.

I need to come up with another type of number style but can’t decide which way to go right now.

Finally, in this first prep session I thought about the cover. And decided to make use of some blank chipboard covers I also bought in Las Vegas. They are 5 x 7 inches.

I have an idea of how to transform them and will work on that for next time.

So there it is, a start to this great project. I can’t stress enough how great and inspirational Ali Edwards is and all of my thinking behind behind this post came from her wonderful blog.

I’ll come back and share how I put all the gathered bits together to form the bones of my December Daily 2010 album next week.

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