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A little sweet treat in New Orleans…..

So Yum

Here’s the story –

You read the guide books and they tell you the places to visit. Cafe du Monde was one of the must visit places in New Orleans to try their beignets. Bev went in and bought them and they were indeed delish. We enjoyed them back at the hotel w/free coffee!  

Hmmm…… Love the photo and the page design but my story is lacking. Just one of those days where I wrote nothing much. And I didn’t include a date!

But it’s done and I shall pop into the album anyway and I’m sure in ten years I’ll love that I told this tale.

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2 Responses to Layout Share – So Yum

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Hopefully over time as you & the family chat about the memories, more & more info will come to light that you can add. Maybe one of those pockets with little strips in it, with each person’s one word of enjoying the taste of the beignets “donuts”

    • mel says:

      That is such a great observation Mary-Lou. Just because I’ve finished the page doesn’t mean detail can’t be added to it. Excellent reminder, thanks.

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