Bloom 2018 – Hellebores and Sweet Rocket

I picked a few Hellebores before they set seed a week or so ago and to go along with them I added Alchemilla mollis, Euphorbia oblongata, Lunaria and Hesperis (sweet rocket). All plonked in my favourite blue glass vase.

Everything here, except the Hellebores, are self sown! I love a free plant especially one you can make flower arrangements with.

I got all the annuals planted last week and they are growing away happily. We have had quite a dry spell recently which is always good for growing but not so good for us who have to keep up the watering. But I’m not complaining. Looking forward to a summer of flowers in the house.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2018 – Hellebores and Sweet Rocket

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    very pretty & I like that old chair to set the scene.

    • mel says:

      Oh thanks! I actually thought the chair looked awful so I’m glad it doesn’t look quite as bad as I imagine! lol

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