Photo a Day – Week Ten and Eleven

Playing catch up…..

Blossom under our feet.

Love this greenhouse.

A trip to the park in my lunch hour.

Pondering music……

The UK asparagus arrived!

Hawthorn blossom against that blue sky.

Avocado, tomato and scrambled on homemade toast. And a pretty plate from Emma Bridgewater of course.

Picking a few things for a vase.

Tuned into NASA TV for a rocket launch.

Another visit to the park. This time with Buddy early one morning and a wander past the gardens which include some medal winning entries from national flower shows.

Lots of family things this week. Here the newest member of our family is showing her great Nana how pushing is done!

Blurry but still beautiful.

Me, my sister, my niece and my great niece!

Reflections of me and Bud in the local florists window.

And there we go.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Ten and Eleven

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    A really nice round up of the week. I like your checkerboard of pavers & grass; that little house in the park with pond, aahhhh looks so restful. In your reflection shot, I chuckled that Bud is looking away out into the street. Nice family photo, such a nice connection. Pink Hawthorn = perfection.

    • mel says:

      That pooch always looks away when I try to get photos! Thanks Gav worked hard on the chequerboard and it’s looking good in its second year.

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