Photo a Day – Week Four

Here we go with a few more photos.

Trying to eat my ‘5 a day‘ I know you would think that as a vegetarian it would be easy but some days it simply is not because we make the bad choices. So trying to rectify that.

The perennials are coming to life. This is Centaurea montana.

Playing the hat game………

First day with the patio doors open has to be documented! Plus that pooch.

A very quick getaway with some family to the seaside.

Scarborough beach and that girl.

Gav walking Buddy and my nephews pooch.

And there we go.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Four

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    LOL at the hat game, that is such a fierce look on Bud. Doors open, windows open, oh I long for that day … I know as a vegetarian I eat way too many carbs, way too many. That salad looks yummy yum yum.

    • mel says:

      We also eat too many carbs out go to meal is pasta and I don’t know how I’d eat carb free!

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