Photo a Day – Week One

Time is a funny old thing. Memory is also a funny old thing. As I begin this photo project for another year I got to thinking about how many years I’ve been sharing these pictures. After a bit of checking up I discovered that it all began in January 2013! Now I would have said it was further back in time than that hence my comment about time but also when I think about the year of 2013 what sticks out most in my mind was out first trip to Disneyland and that does not seem so long ago at all.

All that to say that documenting is good for the memory and story telling in whatever form is simply good.

Okay onward with this first week.

A pre-birthday night out at our favourite pizza place.

Not sure if I mentioned before but I tried out the free trial at Creative Bug. I did lots of painting and line drawing and also added an embroidery class to my list. The teacher produces these amazing samplers so I purchased one and am really enjoying stitching. Although I don’t really need any more hobbies…..

A completely different birthday trip this year. We went to the Yorkshire Dales and stayed in the hamlet of Malham. We stayed in a lovely country Inn called the Lister Arms that welcomes dogs with home-baked dog treats and a pile of blankets and beds you can pop at the side of your table so the four-legged friends are as comfy as the two-legged ones!

We walked to Malham Cove the next day and even though it was rainy and misty there is nothing like a walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

Cinnamon porridge for breakfast before we headed home.

Crafting was done.

And to round off the week we got four inches of snow!

And that was week one!

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week One

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    What a pretty place to celebrate your birthday. More & more hotels are becoming pet friendly, which is a good thing especially for those of us that they of our pets as family members.

    I hope we get to see H’s finished craft project. Again your back garden is so pretty in snow. For us everything is brown, which is ok as I’m done with snow for the season.

    • mel says:

      Thanks Mary-Lou and yes we love our pets! We’re told that it’s going to get cold again over Easter which is making for a very long winter here, we’re not used to it at all! But I still love snow!!

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