Someone Loves the Snow and a Little Practice

Popping in real quick today to share this series of fun photos in the spirit of my One Little Word®. When I decided to delay going into work because of the surprise snow fall I grabbed the camera and caught a sweet doggie having some fun.

Not the best photos, that’s why I needed to practice taking pictures in the snow (it throws the exposure out) but still fun ones….

Needless to say that pristine and beautiful snow-covered garden is now trashed with his antics!

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2 Responses to Someone Loves the Snow and a Little Practice

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Wonderful photos. You did get a lot of snow – oh that Beast of the East! All of our snow is gone for now, although I know before spring really settles in we will get more 🙁

    • mel says:

      Thanks. It was the strangest day! All but melted away by lunchtime and our little bit of Yorkshire seemed to be in a snow bubble as hardly anywhere else got any!

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