Layout Share – On the Road Again

Here goes with another story from our USA adventure last year.

On the Road Again

Here’s the story –

Was it day 2 or day 3…. It’s fair to say that we spent a long time in the car but it was a necessary part of the adventure and we did have some fun…..really!

A short little story to go with a sweet photo. She didn’t take those ears off for days! The car journey had to be documented, in fact I plan to tell a few more stories about that aspect of our holiday. We drove a long way and by the last leg of it I must say I was fed up. But we did it and I wouldn’t change it.

Just a note to say that from the chronological point of view there are stories missing from the album. I made quite a few pages a couple of months ago, I was inspired after writing about the planning of this album and I will keep sharing those as we go along. I have actually added all the photos into empty 12 x 12 page protectors in the album so I know what story will go where and I’ve just about finished writing stories down too. Very exciting to have this album filling up.

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