2017 – A Review in Pictures (and Some Words!)

An amazing trip to NYC to celebrate my 5oth birthday. it snowed on the big day and I got to walk in central park in the snow on my birthday!

Went on an adventure for sixteen days with these lot.

Witnessed a total eclipse which was truly amazing.

Welcomed a new life to the family.

Saw four generations together.

Played family rounders.

Grew things.

Arranged flowers.

Took part in the 100 day project.

Walked with my word Light.

Left a job I loved.

Found two more jobs and picked the wrong one…… lasted a week! Spent December unemployed but LOVED having all the time in the world for festive things.

I’m sat here today and on the one hand I feel panicky because I need to find a job and that is tainting my fabulous year but on the other hand I know this is just a blip. I will be okay, we will be okay and I must celebrate this wonderful year of 2017.

In that positive note I will say bring on three more months of my big birthday year and let’s get to making things happen in 2018……..

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4 Responses to 2017 – A Review in Pictures (and Some Words!)

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    It has been a fabulous year but oh my goodness did it go fast! I’m sorry to hear that the new job did not pan out as hoped. Deep breath, I am sure something very well suited will turn up, probably in the least expected place. This job I’m at was suppose to be only temporary for me, five years on I’m still “leaving” … (col).

    Wishing you much joy, happiness & health in 2018. Cheers to lots more Bud photos!

  2. Loreita says:

    Happy New Year, Mel! Another year starts so it seems an appropriate landmark to wholeheartedly thank you for introducing me to your blog – seems so, so long ago now……..throwing open the windows on your world and projecting amazing, inspirational and treasured images that have so often brought colour to the little planet that I inhabit 😉
    And oh, there is a job out there for you – there is! Loreita xox

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