Photo a Day – Week Forty

The festive season is in full swing plus snow and lots of me it seems!

Treats from the advent calendar.

Never too many twinkle lights….

Oh yes. Twice in December!

The quilt is finished at last.

Getting as close as possible. Crazy pooch.

Another little flutter of snow flakes.

Hope this December is as festive where you are.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Forty

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Mel I really like your quilt, you did an amazing job & getting it done before Christmas. My fur girls also get really close to the fireplace when there’s a fire roaring away, mind you I also sit fairly close – it’s hard to get warm through to the bones in this weather. We have snow & it looks like more this weekend, so defo a white Christmas. I agree, never too many lights at Christmas. I got a set of twiddle lights that run on batteries & I place inside a non fire fireplace in the bedroom, it’s a lovely glow to fall asleep with. Like your last photo, I may have to recreate if the wind stops gusting!!

    • mel says:

      I’m always jealous of your snow fall! The light in the fireplace sound very relaxing indeed. And thanks I liked doing that little self timer shot while it was snowing so I know you’ll enjoy it too!

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