December Daily® 2017 – Day Four and Day Five

Hey! A couple more days are done so I thought I’d share. Still having printer problems and decided to send all the photos I’ve taken this past week off to get printed. I’ll swap them when they arrive. For the rest of the month I think I’ll go to a local photo place and see what the quality is like.

Anyway here is what day four looked like originally.

It was sited on the left of the album and had that lovely 3×4 card with the snow globe on it. I’d already added the number four.

As I’d adjusted some earlier pages day four was now on the right. I loved the 3×4 card and the ‘let’s stay home’ words and my story came from that when I found a photo I’d taken the day before of our garden in the sunlight.

I cut the page protector in half so I had two 3×4 pockets instead of four then added the photo of the garden.

On the back I made a circle card with some punched circles from velum and patterned paper and a little heart. This was totally inspired by Ali and a page she made in her Product Play class.

Can’t remember using pink much before in these albums but I liked that star paper and thought it looked great.

Journaled on another card with a touch of red running around the edge so it tied in with the circle card.

For day five I had already added the white polka dot transparency and added the number to that piece and stapled it inside the pocket. You can see the original page at the top of this post.

I bought this style of page protector by accident but wanted to try to use them all the same. They are three pockets, two 4×4’s and one 2×6.

There was another card in the mini kit I’d bought earlier this year that said ‘I’ll bring the merry’ I’d already honed in on it and wanted to use it somewhere in the album. The story from the fifth fit that perfectly.

No photo on this page just some typed journaling about a conversation I had with my niece about Christmas magic.

The photo doesn’t show this page very well but I left the transparency in the same pocket, added the sentiment to some patterned paper with Christmassy words for the background and my story went into that long pocket. I added a punched snowflake to the top of the page.

I must admit that having more time on my hands this December is influencing the stories I’m telling. Not only does more time mean I can do more festive things but I can also reflect a little more too which means I have so far told two stories that I’m not sure I would have done in a different year.

But that is the beauty of this album right? The chance to look for those stories and document them.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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2 Responses to December Daily® 2017 – Day Four and Day Five

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I like your circle card, I especially like the vellum circles with the scalloped edges. (umm I am saying out loud as it sparks an idea for my scallop circle punch). All the examples I’ve seen posted online were full page size. I think yours has such a delicate quality about it, reminds me of those gentle snow falling days. Oh yes I agree about telling some different stories as it reflects what is happening in the now. I need to stop editing so much on my story recaps.

    • mel says:

      Do get punching those scalloped circles! Glad it was inspiring. It’s hard to stop yourself editing but definitely something you can practice, that’s what I try to do.

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