Photo a Day – Week Thirty Nine

Here we go again….

The most beautiful light. I took lots of photographs of the garden and this one stood out. That wind chime is six and a half years old, my Mum bought it after our other pooch Lewis died. It hangs on the branch of an apple tree above the spot he is buried. It’s holding up well and is home to some lichen.

I needed a little pick me up and found rainbows in my living room that lifted my heart.

Lots of tulips planted here….

Something else that always makes me happy. Snow!

At some point in the month of December I always find myself at Waitrose with my Mum and sister. We got our visit in early this month.

Love that pooch so and that light and the fact that the advent tree is up!

And to round off the week Christmas crafts with the girls and out newest addition of course.

Great start to the festive month.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Thirty Nine

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I like your wind chime. What a charming idea to put this over Lewis’s resting spot. Bud does look so innocence in the sunshine snooze photo (col). Ah forward thinking to spring! YES.

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