Hello December

Here we are then. It’s time to begin the journey through December embracing all that is magical and beautiful about the season. I’m all ready to tell my first story and follow it with more and more until we reach twenty five!

As I got my foundation pages and my cover ready I was thinking about what stories I might tell this year. I watched videos from The Storytelling with December Daily class again, made some notes and thought about how the past nine years worth of December stories flowed. I know I struggle sometimes with time and getting the photos printed. I like to make the album as I go if I can but that doesn’t always work. But it will be okay.

I’ve rounded up a few previous posts –  20152014, 2012, 2011. All of my thoughts in past years still ring true today and I love looking back in order to make new lists and get ready.

Not much else to add apart from reading Ali’s post which includes many links to her previous years of getting ready and to welcome December and do it!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

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2 Responses to Hello December

  1. Melanie Wilson says:

    Yours is one of my go to blogs to read through December for down to earth inspiration
    As you say some years are easier and come together better than others but it’s the some of them all together,the bigger picture that’s important and that picture just about sums it all up!! Just beautiful craftiness!

    • mel says:

      Thanks Melanie, lovely to know you come and read here. Hope I can inspire you throughout the month!

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