Photo a Day – Week Thirty Seven and Thirty Eight

First of all a week with nature, the weather and the  light.

Pretty leaf.


Love the textures of the paving and the stems with the fiery foliage.

Those coral/red stems.

A teeny leaf.

Sunlight creating a blaze of yellow.

Frosty leaves.

Week thirty eight.

His leg is getting better all helped by a comfy blanket…..

Took my Mum to see Murder on the Orient Express. It was excellent.

The lightest dusting of snow.

Not long now for this tree to be in the spotlight for a month.

Having a go at making a wreath base.

Helping make her December Daily® album.


And there we go.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Thirty Seven and Thirty Eight

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Oh all those leaves are so pretty & yes such a tiny oak leaf. We are always baffled by the number of oak leaves that blow into our yard, no one on the street has an oak tree!

    OH Bud’s leg does look sore but SO glad he’s on the mend. Our fur children are so very precious to all of us.

    Oh let the joy begin, nice to see both of you working on your DD’s together. 🙂

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