Photo a Day – Week Thirty Four

The year is moving along, let’s look at some more moments from our week.

Not a perfectly composed shot but I had to take it. That sky was amazing and then the flock of birds flew by too!

We were playing honest!

As it was half term she came over earlier and we went out into the wood. We found that it was flooded already but that didn’t stop her……

Another sunny day and I captured a totally fun selfie. Yep overexposed etc etc but I love it!

I love this little bundle of joy too! She’s wearing her new cardigan that Gav’s sister knit for her. So cute. And my sister-in-law it a fantastic knitter!

Walking to my Mums I spotted a Red kite overhead. I remember my Dad telling me years and years ago that an effort to reintroduce the species was going to happen at Harewood. (Edited to add that I checked my facts and the birds were reintroduced in 1999.) This isn’t a great photo as I zoomed in quite a bit in Photoshop but I wanted to document it anyway.

I’m back on the sewing kick! This was a Christmas quilt I started last year so I thought I better get on with it as it will soon be that season again.

And there we go.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Thirty Four

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    OOOOOH such a pretty Christmas quilt. I like that photo of you – a great photo for your Word. Bud looks all fierce in his game role. I’d like to borrow that purple cardigan sometime! (col). Our area reintroduced wild turkeys about 10 years ago & they are thriving. Still makes me sad that any wildlife has to be reintroduced because “we” screwed up.

    • mel says:

      Thanks about the quilt! All my efforts in quilting are good/bad….. I love getting started picking fabric etc but get bored so they end up lingering for ages. Don’t know how others do it so effortlessly and neatly! Yes it is dreadful that we get to the point of having to reintroduce. When I was checking the date on the web I found a very informative site about the Kites. But it also talked about the ongoing persecution of them and how many birds are still either shot down or poisoned. But at least we are trying to put things right.

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