The October Garden Showing Off My One Little Word®

My One Little Word® this year is light. I have been trying to pay special attention to the literal light around me as well as thinking of how it plays in a non literal sense.

When I was wandering around the garden snapping away I remembered a podcast I’d heard few years ago. A photographer said that she didn’t even take her DSLR camera out of the house if the light wasn’t right. I remember thinking she was crazy! As a memory keeper even dark, blurry and overexposed photos have a story to tell and a place in my world. Sometimes the fact that it isn’t a good photo is a story in itself. But I guess as a photographer you have to present your best work and light is way up there on the list of requirements for a perfect picture.

It was good to remember that snippet and to think about her words and the thoughts it provoked. It’s all valuable in the journey of making my word visible.

All of that to say that I was glad to take her advice and get out there in great light to catch the garden singing its October song.

I like finding textures and shadows and contrasting colours as well as complimentary colours.

Basically any and everything that looks interesting to my eye.

I think that having good light does help evoke a better sense of the true-ness of the image. It makes it more possible to look at the picture close your eyes and be transported back to that time. To feel the sunlight.

Dew on the grass, overgrown full borders, looking through. Love this.

Spiky vs soft and round.

I stumbled upon a very rare and beautiful specimen as I wandered back to the house.

Buddy Cuteii.

And then right behind him landed a pretty butterfly. I’ve caught a few butterflies on camera recently. Love that they visit the garden.

Thanks for letting me share the garden and a little insight into my word this year.

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4 Responses to The October Garden Showing Off My One Little Word®

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Lovely light & Buddy does show off his reflective abilities – oh so cute. I think my favourite light is the Fuchsia with it’s light & shadow, much like life. As we are moving into the year end, have you felt that Light was a good word for 2017? Are you pondering a Word for 2018?

    • mel says:

      Hmmm…. Mary-Lou great and well timed question about my word as I have been thinking about next year. I have the same experience most years in that my practice to make my word visible tails off! The summer is always harder as so much is going on. But overall I liked Light. It has many, many different ways to show up in life and different ways you can hone in on it. As I say I have been thinking about a new word but nothing has tugged at me yet…. How about you?

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Mel, I have been wordless for a couple of years now. Last year I just couldn’t settle on one so I settled on watching & listening to my choice of words, which can sometimes be dramatic. I wanted to listen to myself to see if my word choice was making mountains out of mole hills … plus I had a swear word popping up in my language way too often at the start of this year, kept an eye on that word!

    I would like to settle on one word for 2018. I do better with my yearly birthday question. I settle quite comfortably on a question to ask myself throughout the year. One of my best questions of myself was “is it enough?” Umm maybe I’ll ask that question for 2018.

    • mel says:

      Doing what works for you is the best idea and I like the idea of a question. Must remember that, thanks.

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