Layout Share – Food Adventure

Little things, momentous things, there are no limits or rules for what we as scrapbookers put in our albums. Thank goodness.

Here is a great little story that happened when Gav and I were in NYC in March for my birthday.

The Food Adventure

The story reads –

By now everyone knows that Gav and I do the research for places to eat when we go stateside. NYC 2017 was no exception and I’d found and little burger place on the lower east side really close to A1 Records. Perfect. So we got there in the freezing cold and I was like ‘this can’t be it!!’ So we walked past. But clearly it was IT. So Gav said bravely lets just go for it. So we did. And it was great. Unusual, quirky but great. A place local veggies went to eat and get takeout. Sometimes you have to do it!

From a design point of view I have been using that strip bottom and top of a page for a while now and love the look. Also like the layers under the photo and the bright colours.

Onwards to more stories!

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