London Calling

I went to see an ex-colleague and now good friend in London. No photos of her because by the time I sorted myself out with the big camera it was dark. That’s my very comfy eco sneaks and the pretty pink congestion charge ‘yellow’ line.

We had pizza for lunch and then spent the afternoon mooching around the Victoria and Albert Museum and saw this great exhibition.

Then we went to see Wicked. Carrie picked the show so I didn’t really know what to expect. She had seen it before and loved it. I didn’t even know it took place in the Land of Oz.

I loved it. I like a good musical any day of the week and this didn’t disapoint. Such a clever idea. In fact the more I think about it the more amazing I think it was. When can I go and see it again?

Breakfast the following day was at Notes. I read about this lovely place on Shimelle’s blog. It was somewhere I wouldn’t have found so I’m glad she posted about it.  

I took lots of photos as I meandered through Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden heading towards the British Museum. These beauties were just around the corner from my hotel. A new-ish thing to London is rent a bike stations like this one. Must be working as it was empty the day before.

An enormous Reindeer standing in the square outside Covent Garden.

And glitter ball hanging inside the market place. I hoped to catch sight of myself in it but the angle must have been wrong.

More pretty Christmas decorations in Covent Garden.

I loved all the contrasts in this shot. The red and white striped awning drew my attention at first but then the taxi drove slowly by and made it a great character shot of the city.

What struck me about the aimless meandering I did that day was that although I don’t spend my life dashing here and there, I never truly meander. The only deadline I had was to get to the train station by 1pm so I took advantage of nowhere to go. I saw things I’d never have noticed if I’d have been rushing and experienced a different pace of life.

I know this isn’t a perfect picture but again I love the contrast and angles here. Between the stone and the parasol and the trees and the phone box.

And because I had nowhere to go I caught photos I’d never have taken the time to stop snap before.

Like the tube approaching Holborn platform. It took me a couple of trains to work out the angle of the shot as I was resting the camera on the seat next to me. I sat there and watched two trains come in let the people off and depart. And I didn’t get on it. You know there was something wonderfully freeing about that simple act. Weird! 

A great couple of days in the capital.

Now, Wicked tickets online here I come.

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