Bloom 2017 – Velvet and Gold

My plan to get outside and harvest all the rest of the flowers didn’t quite go to plan. We had Storm Brian which brought gales and rain to the UK. We didn’t suffer too much here but other parts of the country were harder hit.

I thought I’d bring a rich zing to our Tuesday to banish those stormy blues.

These were picked a couple of weeks ago when the Dahlias were still showing off and the Cosmos were standing tall and elegant.

I tried a gold plant pot as the vase hoping that those rich colours would work well with it. Also that pot is larger so I hoped to make a different shape with the stems. I used chicken wire inside the pot to hold the stems. This means that you can tuck quite a short stem just under the wire and make it seem longer. The wire also means you get a greater range of shaping possibilities because you can place the stem exactly where you want it rather than relying on other stems to support it.

Here we have Dahlia Thomas A. Edison along with Karma Choc and Labryinth, Cosmos, Amaranth and some Cotinus foliage.

A day or so after I arranged these flowers I decided to try a different vase so took them all out of the plant pot and popped them in a blue jar instead.

Not a great photo but you get the idea. I like the way this one builds up rather than out and the dense centre of Dahlia beauty. And the Amaranth stems do add a dramatic line the arrangement. They also work well hanging down and contrasting with the blue. I freshened their water and they lasted another few days.

All good experimenting going on here!

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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – Velvet and Gold

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Gorgeous arrangements but I will say that the blue pot one is my favourite. You are having fun. So many destructive storms this year everywhere. Hardly get to recover from one when the next one arrives. We have had some really vicious wind storms this year .

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