Photo a Day – Week Thirty Two

And here we go with some more.

My Niece and my Great Niece.

Sunshine on the Holly bush.

Driving together to work.

The end of an era…..

Starting another quilt. That’s four I have on the go now!

Beautiful berries and blue sky.

The Dahlias are still going. And down there on one of the bottom petals is a ladybird larvae.

Okay, that was that.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Thirty Two

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    End of an era – is that you leaving? If yes what new adventures are you undertaking?

    Funny when I looked at the first photo, I could just get a smell of the shop as we have one with similar items …like that large toadstool. Those yellow berries I know I should know what they are …?? Neat photo of pink dahlia & ladybird larvae.

    • mel says:

      Yes! I have left my job and hope to be starting a new one soon. The berries are from a Pyracantha and they do look yellow in the photo but are orange in real life. The blackbirds love them!

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