Adding Layers

I’ve been saving that photo above for something. Some story that hadn’t happened yet, back then last summer, when I snapped the shot.

There is of course a story in the image itself. Summer feet, painted toe nails, a little pooch foot sneaking into the picture, our morning walk on familiar streets.

But that wasn’t the story I wanted to tell with this image.

Initially I took the photo because of the textures on the ground. The old and new, cobbles and tarmac. White lines painted giving instructions to motorists. A collections of leaves and twigs and bits of rubbish nestled into the cobbles.

As I edited the picture, perhaps planning to use it as a photo of the day, I decided that it was the broken up tarmac that drew me in more than anything else. The cracks in the road showing another layer underneath. A visual representation of layer on layer and me standing at the edge of them.

Fast forward to today. I left my job a week ago. A job that not so long ago I loved. I was very lucky to have met a group of wonderful people and to have worked in an amazing place for 5 years. Looking back all of that worked there agree that we had a pretty wonderful time for a little bit all the while doing a tricky but rewarding job.

And then we didn’t. A larger company took us over and that was the end of that. Many left way before I did but I carried on. Still loving parts of my working day and wanting to stay with those colleagues left and of course terrified of the prospect of looking for another job.

So I am in between jobs. I have secured a new role and am just waiting for paperwork to be sorted but I am nervous about it all. I just re-read this  post. Written about the job I have just left. Just goes to show that sometimes you just do it anyway and it will be okay.

So here’s to adding another layer, another opportunity to learn something new, another chance to meet different people, another story added to my collection of stories.




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2 Responses to Adding Layers

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Congratulations Mel & well done you. It does take a lot of bravery to leave a job you know for the unknown. I hope the decision did not cause you too many sleepless nights. I “had” to leave a job I loved loved loved because of the changes the HUGE corporation made – it took them only 3 years to totally destroy “our” smaller company. I think not only would I be borrowing the bread maker but I would be borrowing some of your thoughts … 5 years ago the open gate photo, excellent reminder – I just took a photo of an old wall with closed iron gate & when sorting through the photos from camera to computer, I thought the gate represented me right now, closed … oh yes job wise I need to open the gate & walk through to the other side. Have fun with the days between jobs.

    • mel says:

      Thank you Mary-Lou, lovely words. Your situation sounds very much like mine. So sad to see things we love ruined. If a change is needed now you will know when, I did, and then you will make that step.

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