Bloom 2017 – The Dahlias

We had a beautiful day last Friday and although we were getting a few flowers from the Dahlias I decided it was time to dig them up while the soil wasn’t too soggy. In this part of the UK our winter is too cold to leave the tubers in the ground so we dig them up and store them.

In celebration of the wonder that they have been this year here are a couple of arrangements showing all their glory.

Dahlia ‘Thomas A. Edison’, ‘Labyrinth’ and one stem of ‘Karma Choc’ sneaked into the back there. The trailing flowers are Amaranth that I grew in the greenhouse. That Labyrinth I tell you, it is a stunner and mixed with dark shades and lighter ones.

And then the red one.

This red colour is impossible to capture on my phone camera. Not a perfect shot on the big camera either but good enough.

These are the most wonderful Bishop of Llandaff. It is a wonderful plant with dark almost black foliage and beautiful red flowers.

Hopefully the tubers will survive the winter dried out and frost free and I’ll divide and replant in May next year.




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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – The Dahlias

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    The photo & the arrangement in the first one is GORGEOUS. I like the pot that you used. I searched for Bishop of Llandaff could not find this side of the pond. I “need” this one as a tribute to my Gran as this is where she is from originally & had the “right” to be buried there.

    • mel says:

      Thank you Mary-Lou. I love that little vase (have to use chicken wire in it) because the shape lends itself to good arranging without me trying! It’s odd that you can’t get that Dahlia in Canada and amazing that your Gran was from there. Will have to ponder how to get a little bit of the tuber to you!

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