Layout Share – That Perfect Movie Time

Still getting stories told from our 2015 holidays! But that is the beauty of this hobby you can keep returning to photos and stories there is not time limit and no right or wrong!

That Perfect Movie Time

Here is the story –

After the stress of the last week getting to the point of departure we were on our way. We both felt better now that we were off but what improved our flight 100%? Not just landing into a sunset but that we started to watch Working Girl the second we sat in our seats! We watched together in our very own NYC comic movie bubble. It was the best. We hardly noticed the take off…. well not really but almost. It was perfect well done Air New Zealand.

The design of the page is simple and I got to use up some scraps of paper which makes me happy. I am very much in tune with bright colours at the moment and apparently I love enamel dots too!


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2 Responses to Layout Share – That Perfect Movie Time

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Air New Zealand? from England to US of A? Amazing sunset. I never could settle enough on a plane to watch a movie … and sleep on a plane!?! I just don’t know how people can do that.

    • mel says:

      Yes! Air New Zealand was great. They stop over in LA. Sometimes I can’t settle either but that time was just perfect!

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