Layout Share – Wishes on the Wind

I am always trying to improve my photography skills and in the summer I asked H to come outside on a bright day and cast dandelion seeds to the wind. This is a great exercise in freezing moving objects if you can get the shutter speed fast enough in the light you have available. When I got the photos back I remembered a similar photo-shoot from a few years ago.

Instead of only telling the obvious story of her and the dandelion seed head I also included the detail of me and my photo quest. I also used a chipboard circle which I cut in half from an Ali Edwards Story Kit. Loved that little detail.

Always good to remember that there are many different ways to tell a story.     

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2 Responses to Layout Share – Wishes on the Wind

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    WONDERFUL time page, the then & now. Both photos capture those wishes being sent off on the wind – let’s hope the first one came true & that the second wish is being bundled for delivery.

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