Layout Share – Who Needs a Plan

Sharing another story from our 2015 holidays to the US.

Who needs a plan?

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Take our bus ride out to the Pacific Ocean to see the Camera Obscura. First it was rather windy… and chilly. And the giant camera wasn’t open. So we sheltered in a cafe watching the windswept waves out at sea. When we ventured back out to see if it was open we were pleased that it was but then felt ripped off at the cost to go in….But as Gav said ‘It was there, it was something interesting.’ And of course we saw that film crew and bought our lovely picture of the Golden Gate bridge from the gift shop. So not all was lost and we enjoyed a scenic bus ride back again.

I bought a 12 x 12 paper pad while I was in the US this year designed by Amy Tan for American Crafts. It was my first 12 x 12 pad and I’ve been using it a lot recently. The camera background paper came from the pad and was perfect for this funny little tale. Good to get this one in the album.

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  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Cool layout – happy ending story.

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