Photo a Day – Week Thirty and Thirty One

Nothing better than starting the week off with toast…. And the Pumpkin mug is out!

Beautiful autumn colour in the garden.

On the walk to work, a sunlit River Wharfe.

I am just a collector of things. (Be better if it was in focus…..)

The light was wonderful.

Lunch out. We both had the scarily non-slimming meal! Deep fried Halloumi cheese, chips and onion rings….. It was so good.

And to finish off the week I baked a cake for Gav’s birthday.

Still playing catch up so here are some more….

Treats and a book in bed. I’ve had the worst cold I can remember. We were heading into my third week of it so a little resting was required and what better way to rest than with a doughnut….. (Our diet is pretty poor right now by the looks of these photos!)

Yellow flowers are not my thing but these Rudbeckia are very lovely indeed.

Had the chimney swept and the log stove is back in perfect condition something one little fella is all too pleased about.

More wonderful colours.

We brought home a Mickey Mouse pancake mould……..

Misty walk in the park. That’s Buddy running off ahead.

Working on preparing the greenhouse for the winter.

And there we go again. Almost caught up!

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Thirty and Thirty One

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Another lovely catch up. I do hope that cold is on the run (no pun intended). I saw some creme filled seasonal donuts yesterday & I walked past them only to drool about them later – my diet over the last several months has been horrible, I eat my emotions. We too have had the fireplace on a few nights this past week & nothing better than a mug of tea, book & my fur girls to snuggle with by the fire, but please no donuts or cookies or squares, maybe an apple slice or two. Locally the Rudbeckia has had a very good showing but like you, I am not a fan & there is none in my garden.

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