Homemade Bread – Curry and Mango Loaf

It’s been quite a while since our bread maker has seen any action other than pizza dough! But the other day I was inspired to make a new loaf. We had lots of ingredients in the cupboard to choose from but I decided to go for something a little bit different and I pulled the mango chutney out.

We’re not big on spices in this house so I reduced the amount of curry paste. The final loaf had a hint of spice and the mango pieces were a delicious surprise to bite into.

I made a couple of really great cheese sandwiches with the bread and experimented with using Branston Pickle (not sure of the generic name!) and one with mango chutney. The mango chutney went very well with the cheese and the bread. Would definitely make this one again.

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2 Responses to Homemade Bread – Curry and Mango Loaf

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Oh yum to fresh bread – such a weakness for me. We are not spice folks either & curry is not something I can eat & I have tried. Mango chutney with cheese is a combo I am familiar with … well just a small change, mine is peach chutney 🙂

    I keep going back & forth about a bread maker – I think in my kitchen it would get too much of a work out & then my hips would need more of a work out! If we were neighbours I would come a knocking for a borrow once in a while (col).

    • mel says:

      And you could borrow it anytime Mary-Lou! We use it mainly for the pizza dough as I too love my bread so try not to make too much. Peach chutney sounds amazing!

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