What I’ve been Reading 2017 – The Run Out Groove by Andrew Cartmel

I’ve just spent a few minutes looking back and realised I haven’t been writing about my reading activities this year! How did that happen? I’ll round them up and do an update. Although it hasn’t been a great reading year I have read more than two!

This one was read while we were away on our holidays. We didn’t get much reading time but I managed to finish the book while we were away.

The second in a trilogy the author is writing about the same characters, I read the first one last year. It’s funny reading that post again now because of course I have indeed taken up scouring charity shops for vinyl as my sister bought me a record player last Christmas.

Anyway back to the book.

Overall I enjoyed it. There is a different feeling in this one as Cartmel has quite successfully moved the characters ‘arc’ on a little. He set the scene in the first book so we are familiar with our protagonists’ line of work and obsession with vinyl. There were mysteries to solve and it did feel like a detective story. My only surprise was that it all seemed to get wrapped up in a few pages but I will probably pick up the third and as I say overall it was an okay read.


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