Bloom 2017 – White Whites

Just popping in to share this vase of pretty white flowers, We are still stateside but this photo has me thinking just a little bit about home.

Here we have Scabious, Ammi and Borage with one single sweet pea stem tucked in.

This growing your own flowers is a truly wonderful thing that I know I’d miss so much if I stopped doing it. It seems to ground me somehow because I am totally at the mercy of the elements. Some things work, some don’t. Some grow, some don’t. It’s a magical adventure stepping outside to see what is putting on a show that day. Oh dear I seem to be all overcome with my holiday surroundings!

Enjoy these cool whites while I sit in the shade avoiding this Florida heat…….

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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – White Whites

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Beautiful arrangement. I like the white M letter. For the past few summers I have not be able to have any floral arrangements in the house – two fur girls that like to chew & drag the flowers about are making it so for now. I have made some small ones for my desk at work.

    Chipmunks here will only come close if you have peanuts or sunflower seeds!

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