Bloom 2017 – Candy Pink

I think I fall into this trap every year. Here in the UK the long school holidays start towards the end of July with the kids going back to school the first week of September. June and July goes by and I foolishly think that summer is yet to come because the kids haven’t broken up yet. Then I turn round and realise that the seasons are beginning to change but it’s only just August……….

Like I say, every year I live part of the summer in denial! And what I hear you cry has that all got to do with flowers? Well, it makes me realise that I’ve hardly picked any yet and it’s almost over.

That’s not strictly true though, thank goodness.

Flowers here in this garden tend to put on a good show up to the end of September plus this little vase full is from a few weeks ago and I have a few more arrangements to share to catch us up to date. I feel more cheerful already!

This jug is filled with sweet williams, scabious, salvia and favourite of mine this last year oregano.

Such a bright and happy little bunch of flowers.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – Candy Pink

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Your still life photos always have such a calming affect … and this one is no different. Of course being that most of the flowers are pink is the added bonus. My picking flowers this year have been very poor indeed & trying to scour the garden is dangerous work at any time in the day because of the mosquitoes, which are size of wine gums! Normally mosquitoes sleep during the sunny afternoon; not this year. Grade school, often referred to as public school (Kindergarten through to Grade 8) get out the end of June & don’t go back until after Labour Day – September 5th this year. High school (grades 9-12) get out in May & start back in September. It makes for a long “I’m bored” summer for some! So around here, everything in August gets geared towards the kids returning to school; TV commercials, paper ads, the radio, store displays. Of course in the stores they have started to put out Thanksgiving & Halloween decorations already – those are in October! Talk about rushing the seasons. Now where is my SPF screening lotion, there’s still lots of summer left.

    • mel says:

      I find it really interesting the different school years in different countries. I don’t like the sound of those mosquitoes! We don’t suffer them where I live although the West of Scotland does.

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