Bloom 2017 – Sweet as a Sweet Pea

This was perhaps the second bunch of Lathyrus I have picked this summer, a welcome sight indeed.

I chose a collection six packets of seeds from Sarah Raven this year.

I sowed them all and had over 50 plants but space in this garden seems to be getting smaller everywhere so I didn’t get to plant them all. The ones I did plant are out in the allotment area. Once again, as I have for the last three years I am growing them on a vertical support system not up teepee’s as I did years before. I have had so much more success with this method.

I am always learning and striving to get better and these wonderful plants are reason enough to grow flowers and I’ll keep trying every year. Here’s to a few more bunches this season.


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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – Sweet as a Sweet Pea

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Such a pretty grouping & such colours. None of my sweet peas grew to anything because the wild bunnies decided that the pot of plants were lunch one day. I really like sweet peas & I have on the look out at the farm stands for some.

    • mel says:

      Oh! Naughty rabbits. Wish we had such delights as farm stands. Certainly a good substitue for munched plants.

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