Bloom 2017 – Lime and Pink

After many years growing biennials here in the north of England I seem to have hit upon a successful formula for abundant blooms. In our garden they are not biennials but triennials!

Sow in June, the following summer you get a few flowers but nothing abundant. But if you leave them in the ground for a further year, bam! An abundant crop.

Maybe I’m not growing them in the right conditions and that’s why I don’t get a good crop in that second summer? I have grown Digitalis, Dianthus barbatus and Erysimum for years now and never get a decent harvest unless I leave them for that third year.

The Dianthus are the best of all grown this way and they are the pink of this arrangement. And yep this was the third year of there growth.

I also mixed in Cerinthie, Alchemilla (the lime) and Linaria purpurea for a very country feel vase and her little pal.

The annuals out in the garden are staring to work their magic and I have snipped a few stems here and there any day now there will be a burst of colour. Can’t wait.


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