Photo a Day – Week Eighteen and Nineteen

I know reading here is a challenge of late but Gav has plans in the works and hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon and the site won’t fall over every two minutes. If you are still here, thank you.

Anyway, I’ll keep sharing so here are another couple of weeks worth of photos.

Cutting patches are coming along. This is Ammi majus.

Road works on our morning walk.

My darling younger niece made crispy buns.

Capturing flowers and bees as always.

We went on an adventure up to Glasgow to see Radiohead. My goodness it was amazing.

On the drive home. There is a road across the middle of England called the A66. It is one of the wildest and exposed in the north of England and I love driving along it. Love those ranging poles in case of snow in the winter.

We had a new addition to the family. My older niece had a baby girl. My sisters first Grandchild and the first of a new generation. She is the most adorable.

Sunlit garden.

Went to visit baby and mum again and could not resist these tootsies……

Popped out into the garden early for a little mooch about. The Scabious in the foreground were actually last years plants that over wintered and grew in abundance again. They are annuals but decided to have another go!

Sunrise through the bedroom window. 4.58am.

Courgette flower.

The sweet peas are flowering at last. Had some issues with yellowing buds that just dropped off. Not sure what it was but at least we seem to have some flowers coming now.

My younger niece and I made the new bebe a quilt. It was her first go at this sort of project and she did a great job.

And there we go.

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