Bloom 2017 – Update from the Garden

I thought is was about time I shared a few photos from the garden here. After all that talk of rain its good to look at these pictures, from a couple of weeks ago and see how much everything has come on since then.

Space for the cutting patches has reduced in size this year mainly because the whole area around the greenhouse and it’s new chequerboard patio will be changed at some point so I didn’t want to plant up any part of that space that might have to be dug up before the end of the summer. But just because I knew I had less room to plant in did not make me sow, prick out or grow on less plants! I think it’s turned out to be the opposite…..

Gav suggested I plant closer, to pack them in. Usually I follow the plant spacing guidelines but decided it might be time to try something different so I did indeed pack them in.

And to make it worse I direct sowed in amongst the plants too! I’d forgotten to sow nigella so threw some seeds around. You can see the seed leaves just popping up in the photo below.

I have the usual suspects for the cutting patches. Helianthus, Calendula, Scabious, Cosmos, Cerinthie, Ammi, Salvia, Nicotiana, Antirrhinum.

There is also a row of sweet peas out in the allotment and a few white Borage plants that the bees just love. I have planted Dahlias too but they seem to be sulking and not growing at all much yet. I need to employ patience.

I’ve supported the larger area with netting (you can see it in a couple of the photos above) but the smaller patches have been left to fend for themselves so far. I may try to net because this system is the best way to support the plants and it makes the stems grow straight which always a bonus when arranging.

Hoping for a bumper crop to start soon.


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