Bloom 2017 – More Littles

Over the last week the weather here has returned to the usual summer offering…….cold and rainy! But the rain has been great for the garden and the cutting patches and soon, very soon, I’ll be collecting a few stems from them. Can’t wait.

Here are a trio of Sweet Williams to cheer on the growing out there.

Now I’ve remembered these vases I’m sure I will be filling them up constantly and plonking them down on the mantle for the quickest and quite pretty arrangement. It’s a good ‘trick’ to remember. I say trick because of course it isn’t a trick it’s just a certain style of arranging.

Whatever it is I love the little arrangements especially for this particular spot in our house. Delicate yet still giving that floral factor.

I’m going to run around the garden now before work tying in some sunflowers. I may even have a little encouraging conversation with them….. anything to help that growing right?


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