52 Stories – Number Fifty – Meteor Crater

At last I am getting towards the end of what was supposed to be a year-long journey in story telling, or rather improving my story telling. It has been more that a year but although I don’t share every week, as I originally intended, I have loved the process of  stopping and thinking about the story I am trying to convey and sharing that here.

Anyway three more to go starting with this one.

Meteor Crater

Here’s the story –

I know that going to see this crater was on Gavs list of things to do way before the click tick list came along. But I added it sounded interesting and it was. Amazing actually. Formed 50,000 years ago by a meteorite 160 feet across! It’s 900ft in diameter and 560ft deep. It was hot and dusty and I had trouble grasping just how big it was. Great visit indeed.

Did I tell all the story? Could I add anything more?

This was a fairly straightforward factual story. I added in the facts mainly because I forget things like that so easily and I thought it would be good to documents those details. There isn’t much else you can say about something so amazing and I think I got that bit in there so overall happy with this tale.


52 stories is a series (or adventure) in my story telling. Can I get the whole story onto a layout? Am I telling the stories I want to tell? Read the inspiration post here.


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2 Responses to 52 Stories – Number Fifty – Meteor Crater

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Another great layout & story. Sometimes reading about dimensions is hard for me to grasp the actual size – but wow when you see the photo of Gav in the corner to give relationship size – yeah that crater live & in person is big!

    Catching up with the other posts … all lovely & makes me smile.

    • mel says:

      Thanks Mary-Lou and for keeping checking back. We are working on the problems and home to have it fixed and a new look site soon! x

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