Bloom 2017 – Green and White

There is a growth spurt going on in the garden right now because we have had a week of hot, hot weather. As long I as I can keep watering all the plants should love this warm spell.

I have to say that I am pleased we have nice weather not just so we can sit outside and pretend we are living in the south of France! But because it make the plants grow and it’s at this time of year when I have a garden full of little plants that I just can’t seem to wait for them to grow and bloom. But wait I will have to do.

Hence todays arrangement.

Just about all that was pickable today was Alchemilla, white sweet williams and Marjoram foliage. But that’s okay right? They still look pretty and fill a spot in the hall.

And truth be told I like the simplicity of the two colours together. I will enjoy this while the riot of colour gets itself going outside.

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