Bloom 2017 – Purple and White

I was looking back the other day at all the arrangements I’ve posted here and realised that I hadn’t done little vases for quite some time.

I love littles and try to collect small glass jars and other containers that are wee to use in groupings like this. Years ago I wouldn’t have understood the value of a row of flowers  displayed in this way but now I know that they both look pretty, allow you to make an arrangement with not many stems and they add a completely different quality to the room.

Here we have Hesperis white and purple, Viburnum opulus and Alchemilla mollis stems.

Must remember to do more of these as the season goes along.

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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – Purple and White

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Beautiful little floral arrangements. It’s been days since I was able to get your blog page to come up – so really I have been trying. Caught up with previous post. Yeah to walking all those steps – I still use a little clip on pedometer although I must admit the last couple of weeks the steps are not reaching 10000 … glad to read that Bud is ok. Oh cream donuts – yeah need to go for a walk because even just thinking of donuts has caused some weight gain, I can feel it.

    • mel says:

      Oh Mary-Lou I know! The website is a continual challenge with it’s errors! Gav is trying to work out the problem so thanks for keeping checking and coming back x

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