Photo a Day – Week Ten

Another week.

Starting off with a photo of Gav sorting out the lawn in the front garden. This is the year all the jobs get finished……Well that’s Gav’s plan anyway!

He got a helping hand in the planting.

Our version of Taco’s.

Had lots of good weather recently and I caught this lovely Clematis as the sun was setting.

A walk to Canal Gardens.

You have to use your strawberry bowl when you eat strawberries right?

Our neighbours honey bees swarmed and settled in a branch overhanging our garden. Gav was thrilled to put on a protective tunic and help gather them back again. I have shown the pictures to my colleagues at work and most are horrified that we can be okay with living so close to thousands of bees. I tried to calmly point out that no bees no food!

There we have it, a pretty normal week with a big finish.

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2 Responses to Photo a Day – Week Ten

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Lovely week. I like your circle front garden – I like I like I like …

    Living next to bees would be exciting – our new hire at the clinic keeps honey bees, so I am looking forward to hearing more & more about bee keeping (not that I want to do). We encourage the mason bees (pollinators) by providing housing. Nice canal gardens & a very handsome guide …

    • mel says:

      Oh, we like that lawn too. It has been many years in the planning and pondering!

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