The Click Tick List – Photograph 100 Gardens – Chenies Manor

On our recent trip south we made time to go and visit another garden from the book. And what an unexpected treat it was.

Chenies Manor is a Tudor Grade I listed building complete with an amazing garden. We were delighted to learn that Buddy could come into the garden with us and that the annual Tulip Festival would be in full swing.

We started in the vegetable garden a place close to our hearts and found one of two mazes.

The weather worn cold frames gave us ideas for our own so watch for more building before next spring.

The must have self timer shot.

We entered the garden through a couple of courtyards under a brick archway and then we were here with this lawn where the surrounding borders had been planted with white Tulips and blue Myosotis (forget-me -nots.) It was a simple design but packed a beautiful punch.

The on to the white garden.

Vistas appeared everywhere.

And I admired the architecture of the building. Love me a chimney pot!

The Tulips kept coming in all shapes and sizes.

There were also dramatic sculptures too. And stunning topiary everywhere.

Onto the sunken garden.

Must remember this planting combination.

We were intrigued by these parts of the house that stuck out???

Clever groupings of plants with a collection of vintage watering cans.

A really beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

And of course another one to tick of the list. That makes fifty! Woot. Only fifty to go then……



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4 Responses to The Click Tick List – Photograph 100 Gardens – Chenies Manor

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Such a beautiful spot to meander for an afternoon, such delightful gardens & great that they allowed Bud to wander with you. Great photos. Seeing that labyrinth in the grass gives me hope that one day I can create one similar (smaller version). Those chimneys are such crafting, would like one or two in my garden but even better one on my roof.

    • mel says:

      The chimneys were amazing, the whole building really and the garden made it even better!

  2. Lady Ella says:

    It’s a disgrace how close this is to me and yet I have never been (or not as an adult). My neighbour went last year – I really must make the effort. Beautiful pics.

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