The Breakfast Love Affair Continues – Scrambled Egg and Quorn Sausage Pittas

Recently Gav and I have been trying to watch what we are eating. A big holiday is on the horizon, one where swimsuits will be needed, so an attempt at a bit of weight loss is a must. When we try to cut back we often substitute bread with pitta bread. Not sure if they are less calories but somehow feel better for you. Pittas also make me want tons of salad to stuff them with so that’s healthy right?

Anyway the reason I’m mentioning the pittas is because when I came to make breakfast the other day there was no bread. But no worries I used the pittas instead and they worked out great.

Also new to us were the Quorn sausage patties. They worked great too with the scramble and just a few sliced tomatoes.

Overall the lack of bread made no difference and we ended up with a new go to breakfast concoction. Perfect!



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