Photo a Day – Week Seven and Eight

Another couple of weeks to share. The first week was Week In The Life™ and started off, here in the UK, with a Bank Holiday.

Gav is still working on the greenhouse and asked me to help. I love this photo. If I hadn’t been taking part in Week In The Life™ I would never have snapped it. I love that it’s our two hands together and that clearly we’ve both been working in the garden.

Taking liberties!

Early evening digging time.

Here’s another picture I love and again without the project I’d never have taken it. I balanced the camera against a wall and used the timer to grab a shot of me walking back into work.

On the way back from our Friday morning coffee stop. This florist is always inspirational.

Beautiful Tulips.

Gav came on our early morning walk on a sunny Sunday.

Bee rescue.

Oh the fallen blossom! Almost as good off the tree as on.


Leaf on leaf, light on dark.

Waiting for my coffee.

I see a theme…..more coffee while the car was being serviced.

Working on the border with a little help.

And there we go another couple of weeks.

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