The Breakfast Love Affair Continues – Banana and Pineapple Pancakes

When I am not consciously ‘watching my weight’ I’ll choose a chocolate bar over a slice of melon. But truth be told I love fruit! Melon, mangoes, nectarines, tangerines….. You get the picture. The other week I was trying to be good and bought a pineapple. It sat in the fridge, neglected as I plowed through Easter Eggs…… But then when my niece stayed over and we were pondering what to make for breakfast I remembered the pineapple and a perfect pancake was born. I used this recipe.

If I were making these again I would chop my fruit much smaller because as you can see the batter was very bobbly and I had to keep moving the pancakes around in the pan to ensure they were cooked through.

They were very good indeed and the cinnamon just lifts all the fruity flavours to perfection.

I get irony behind buying a pineapple to be healthy and then making pancakes from it but at least I was trying……


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