Bloom 2017 – Poets and Bay

I am thrilled to be back again with a flower arrangement, the first since November last year. I’m also thrilled that I seem to have found a new vase.

Actually this was a candle holder but I liked that it had a stem, all be it a stubby one, so earmarked it for use as a vase. It needed a florist’s pin holder because the neck is quite open but I think it worked very well and I look forward to many more arrangements in it this year.

And you will notice that I drafted that wonderful old stool into duty too. It was back at my sisters over Christmas but I go it back with our Easter gathering! It’s just perfect for sitting arrangements on.

In this arrangement is Narcissus poeticus, Myosotis (Forget me not), Kerria pleniflora, Laurus (Bay) foliage and Choisya foliage.

And talking of Easter this vase full was actually the centrepiece on our Easter table.

Not the best photo bit it gives the idea of what I was going for. Oh yes and naughty Buddles ate some of those Cadbury’s Mini Eggs when we all went outside for the usual family photo. There he was wandering about on the table crunch, crunch, crunch! I was very worried because chocolate is poisonous for pooches. He was fine though but what a waste of mini eggs!

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2 Responses to Bloom 2017 – Poets and Bay

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Beautiful spring arrangement, the tiny sprinkle of blue from the Forget Me Nots I think really makes the yellows & whites pop. Thank goodness Bud is ok, naughty puppy but I totally understand that need for those mini eggs. I myself have been known to crunch down a few dozen when no one is looking!

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