Photo a Day – Week Two and Three

Here we go with another couple of weeks.

We were still Stateside at the start of this week. Here is a view of The Highline. It was an amazing walk up above the streets of Chelsea, above the traffic and with a great view of the city. Can’t recommend this unique park enough.

And after two bright sunny days Storm Stella blew into town. For a lover of snow this day in NYC nearly cured me of that love, nearly!

And although there was still piles of the stuff around the city was back to almost normal the day after and we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.

We flew back overnight. The walkway from plane to terminal afforded me a great view of our transport home.

The following day we lazed in bed far too long but someone wasn’t bothered about that.

Good to see the garden in springing to life.

Gav is out there building new benches for the greenhouse and Bud went to keep him company.

Last week started with a change in the weather. Hail.


It was time to make s’mores again.

First harvest of the season.

The hail made way for wall to wall sunshine over the weekend.

And I spotted the first honey bee.

Breakfast at Betty’s for Mothers Day.

And there we have it.

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  1. Mary-Lou says:

    From snow covered streets to floral abundance in the back garden – reminds us of that song “it’s a small world afterall..” Very nice 3 generations photo.

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