What I’ve been reading – January 2017

I’ve had six months off from Lord Peter! The last book I read about this character was a bit of a challenge. This novel was found in a charity shop some time ago and knew it was the last book Ms Sayers wrote about Lord Peter Wimsey and although I struggled with some of her novels I have come to love them and was reluctant to read the last.  But read it I did. And, maybe because it was the last, it was probably my favourite.

All the expected elements were there for a classic detective story. A body, a country house and a cast of colourful characters. The detective story was interlaced with a little romance and Bunter at his best! I would definitely pick it up again and re-read.



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2 Responses to What I’ve been reading – January 2017

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I like a good mystery. Last year my reading seemed to take a dip especially in the later part of the year, but I got my reading mojo back late December & several that I have read are non fiction & I have been so disappointed. So a good mystery is just what I need to peak my interest again. Plus a kitty peaking out from behind a potted plant has peaked my interest in this book. So now on to the library web page to put a hold on!

    • mel says:

      I go through reading phases as I am sure I have rumbled on about here so it’s just something that happens I guess. Hope you enjoy it!

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