The other Gingerbread House

On Christmas Eve Gav and I decorated our own gingerbread house. There was one left over so we took up the challenge. Above is one of the lovely little elements that Gav made. A pile of snowballs! Love it.

We enjoyed ourselves and it was a very festive thing to do on Christmas Eve.

The picket fence was all Gav’s too have to admit between him getting a bit bored of ‘gluing’ them together and us eating the Matchmakers on the front of the house had a finished fence.

I made a few windows by laying down the pattern on a piece of greasproof paper and sticking them in place once set.

I also came up with a sleigh full of logs….

That’s a vegetarian red liquorice rope to pull the sleigh. In fact all our sweets were suitable for us to eat.

And a snow angel….

All in all a truly lovely way to spend an afternoon. I’m sure I said that I never wanted to make any gingerbread ever, ever again after baking six houses but after some time has passed I’m actually looking forward to this years house decorating adventures!

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  1. Mary-Lou says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! your house is fantastic, a real work of art. Mr Man absolutely refused to try & build gingerbread houses this year so I got 2 colouring pages of gingerbread houses & he refused those as well. Yeah Gav!

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