The return of vinyl……

I think it all began by seeing this post and then of course reading this book. I admitted when I wrote about my thoughts on the novel that it made me want to find a turntable and listen to records again. I happened to mention this to my sister and for Christmas she bought me a record player! She is the gift queen.

So I had the device on which to play records now for the records.

On Christmas Day when I announced that I had a brand new record player my sister-in-law went straight home and brought back her record collection. I think she was as excited as I was to talk about old records. Then a few days later I raided my Mum’s garage for their collection of vinyl and found some of my old records too. It’s funny that when I moved out of my Mum and Dads these records weren’t important enough to take with me. Thirty years later? I have fallen in love with them all over again.

I hold my hand on my heart and openly admit that most of my desire to have a record player again is rooted in nostalgia. The desire to go back in time and relive a moment or two. And it did happen. There have been a couple of albums that when I put needle to shiny disc and the first notes played I was twelve again and dancing around and around. The words of the songs flooded back and I sang along at the top of my voice.

Moments like that are what I call happy/sad. Nostalgia is like that.

The other part of me that wasn’t looking back to a time gone by was looking in the opposite direction. I was hoping for a new experience. That I would put on a record and  listen to the album the whole way through. That I would let it play and let it fill the room with music. I’m not explaining it very well but I guess what I wanted was a slowing down. We have a couple of very music savvy friends and I was chatting with one of them about the joy of having a record player again and he said that listening to a record on a turntable changes the way you listen to music. That is the essence of what I was thinking and hoping for.

Already I have woven the playing of records into our weekends and it feels great. I’m hoping to search through charity shops to add to our collection and I even have a couple of record shops jotted down in New York for when we go next month! Very excited to see how this new/old thing develops and moulds itself into our lives right now in 2017.

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2 Responses to The return of vinyl……

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    You have a very generous sister! Mr Man was convinced that there would be a return to vinyl so he saved all his & his Dad’s so we have quite a collection. I like your words which you do explain very well about the feeling of slowing down, listening to music & letting it fill the heart & home – I for one am so happy that a new appreciation is returning for the simple comforts of home, it’s all part of the Hygge & Lagom movements sweeping into our lives. I will only stick in my two pennies for a moment here – be very careful in New York, the mood of the country is of agitation right now, mind you New Yorkers are a welcoming bunch.

    • mel says:

      Well done your other half for keeping those treasures! Your mention of Hygge is the second time I’ve heard that in as many days! Interesting. And thanks for your concern about our trip. I don’t expect things will settle much before we go so we will have that in mind.

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